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Once again another amazing piece of artwork produced by Felix of UltraKolor Art studio in our judo room. The mural depicts great martial arts legends and the faces of inspirational people. 

Mr David Lammy MP for Tottenham Unveils Newly Decorated Sports Centre Judo Room.

The Judo Room on the first floor of Tottenham Community Sports Centre was in much need of maintenance and decoration. The judo room is used by a range of community clubs/groups who train in various Martial Arts disciplines which includes boxing.

Local arts organisation UltraKolor were commissioned to paint a mural on the theme of martial arts that uplifts and engages the public and motivates the users of the space. The art work 
will be a celebration of sport with an aim to merge key figures in history with present day fighters as well as incorporating empowering quotes and contemporary artistic styles.

To engage Young People from the community by involving them in a creative project that offers a way to contribute to their local area.
To educate visitors about different martial arts disciplines and past athletes who have made an
impact within their chosen sport. Also to support local artists by collaborating on a public artwork that will be shared and enjoyed by the community.

The lead artist, Felix Stochaj worked with Tottenham Community Sports Centre Trustees to create a mural design and invited young people from the local area to help complete the artwork and gain paid work experience by contributing to the project.

The artwork was funded by Haringey Council courtesy of Philippine Nguyen.
The project unveiling was well received by the users and the wider community, with notable guests including MP David Lammy, Mayor of Haringey Lester Buxton, Secretary to Trustees at Tottenham Community Sports Centre Kevin Lincoln BEM,  Malcom Springthorpe and Haringey Councillors, Cllrs Ibrahim Ali Chair of Standards Committee, Cllr Erdal Dogan. Bruce Castle Labor Party, Cllr Sue Jameson. Bruce Castle Ward. Labour, Cllr John Bevan, former Mayor of Haringey Sheila Peacock and Eddie Dujon, (Former Undefeated British Kickboxing Champion, Entrepreneur and founder of TKBA, Tottenham Kickboxing Association) who kindly attended the unveiling.

Thank you to Navron Griffiths who volunteered to film and edit the footage, RDX for the RDX Boxing Gloves and everyone for coming together and making this happen! 😊


The evening of Thursday, 20th July 2023 saw Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy reveal a newly decorated judo room by UltraKolor at Tottenham Community sports centre (TCSC). Also in attendance was ‘Haringey’s youngest-ever Mayor, Cllr Lester Buxton and local councillors, Ibrahim Ali, Sue Jameson, Erdal Dogan, John Bevan, along with former mayor of Haringey Council Sheila Peacock and Eddie Dujon of TKBA.

Featured martial artist on the walls are:
  Benny the jet Urquidez (former Undefeated world kickboxing champion/actor/pioneer)
 GM Helio Gracie (JuJitsu)
 Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov (JuJitsu/MMA)
 Mas Oyama (founder of kykoshinkai karate)
 Claressa Shields (multiple weight world champ)
 Lateef Crowder Dos Santos (Capoeira expert stuntman actor)
Panchan Rina Okamoto (Japan’s most popular Kickboxing/Muay Thai/K-1 style world champion)

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