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Several members of staff here at Tottenham Community Sports Centre are now officially qualified to use our new defibrillator and bleed kit. They have completed London Life Saver training, certified by the NHS London Ambulance Service. 


London Ambulance Service (LAS) and GoodSAM are on a mission to save lives by harnessing first aid skills in the community until the ambulance arrives.

This ground-breaking partnership allows those certified by or trained to an LAS standard, to sign up as a GoodSAM Responder.  When a life threatening suspected cardiac arrest call is received by LAS, details are automatically sent through the GoodSAM App. Responders receive an Alert on their smartphone about the nearby emergency - thereby connecting those in need, with those who have skills to provide potentially life saving assistance in the first critical minutes of cardiac arrest.

How does the GoodSAM App work?

- If you are able to help, accept the alert

- Follow the Map to guide you to the patient

- If possible, collect an AED displayed on the Map

- If needed, start CPR and use the defibrillator

- Handover to the Emergency Services

- Complete a short report on the app


Join Us!
Responders are critical to the GoodSAM community: those trained to LAS standard are eligible to register as a Responder by selecting "London Ambulance Service" as a Verifying Organisation. 


United Kingdom

Charity Number: 1022202

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